August 09, 2009 0 Comments

today's the day after national day. kind of drained from the melodrama of the day.

was distinctly disappointed that the pledge moment didn't take place in the area around marina bay. was awaiting fervently for it to occur.
self-love versus self-esteem. people criticises themselves sometimes, not because they genuinely feel inferior, but because they are fishing for compliments.
divergent paths lay in store. tensions between that which is realistic and that which is quixotic.
lessons on tempering the temperament
technology and whether it can be trusted in the hands of its creators.
the road less travelled. further along the road less travelled. the road less travelled and beyond - m scott peck
joke of the day (nationalistic fervour) :

when i walked through the scanners to enter the stadium, it beeped. they realised that i was a biochemical threat, capable of mass destruction. they found out that i am a Sex Bomb.

those who do not recite the pledge shall be fined (contributed by jia jun).

Just reading this brings you a few seconds closer to retirement.