Just Another Bird

Just saw these photos which brought back many memories - most of them bad, I'm afraid.

The poor mynah got stuck in a pile of rat glue. It was wheezing and struggling.
Its flesh were raw and red.
Its feathers were literally glued to its body.

Its right leg were curled into an unnatural angle.

My heart went out to the poor bird and I got my friend to clean up the bird with me.

While we were washing the bird in the sink, a lot of people passed by and made many disparaging remarks.

'Better let it die'
'Just twist the neck'
'Stupid bird, deserves to die'

And the most interesting comment:
'Thank god, you saved it.' (I was momentarily happy) ', if not I won't dare to take hot water from the dispenser anymore!'

Someone called me 'SPCA', in what he cleverly thought was a derogatory mock.

Felt sorry for these people.
Life, without compassion.
Somehow, they decided they could judge life... who - or what - can live and should live.

The bird eventually recovered, against all odds and criticisms.

Fly free, and live defiantly!