August 17, 2009 0 Comments

saw the snuffling of life today. the course of nature, one preying on another. does it apply to the ever complex relations b/w human beings too?
celebrations of age and beyond. the joy of reunion and such. shedding the burdens of today to embrace the pleasures of yesteryear.
unwilling to relinquish the past, although relinquishing's inevitable. the fear of leaping. the fear of not leaping. not simply sitting on the fence, but dancing in the tensions of current moments.
life does not unfold backwards, neither does it tarries with yesterdays.
simple pleasures in life. imposing one's will, thoughts and feelings on inanimate objects. anthropomorphism.
refuting, rebutting, retaliating. ranting and raving against the authorities.

Just reading this brings you a few seconds closer to retirement.