Kind of sad to be bidding goodbyes after days spend together.

Was rather insulted when my friends responded with disbelief, incredulity and in one case, a middle finger, as I told them that I would miss their presence.

to meet again seems slim.
people drift apart,
friends come and go.
things fall apart,
the centre cannot hold.
A stark conclusion that in some cases, we were only friendly strangers, not friends.

It's a personal definition of mine, a view that people aren't really friends if they can't connect meaningfully for even the briefest moment.

Don't know who they are or what they want to be. Don't know their dreams, aspirations and hopes. Don't know their fears, insecurities and doubts. Don't know what that makes them truly unique individuals.

True, joy was shared. Jokes, insults and banter were shared, but was sadness and weakness shared too?

Very shallow relationships, I guess. Not everyone can form meaningful relationships with anyone.
Really glad that there were some common experiences shared. Those activities - sometimes insane, sometimes inane.

Am really fortunate, thankful to have made friends - people with whom I shared mutual respect and care for.

May all your endeavours bear the fruits that you so desire. May you grow spiritually and emotionally, unleashing the innate beauty within.
Managed to seek out a few of these friends to wish them well before they leave and our lives diverge.

Was genuinely happy for them, that they are able to chase their dreams and grow through new experiences.
All the best, people :]