Parading Facades

'i try not to show any emotions, but it's hard. i don't want people to see what's inside.'

Received this sms from a distant friend today. Can't pretend that I wasn't surprised to receive such a sombre message.

Did a little check and found out: this guy's popular. Apparently, he has a legion of girls trailing him around. He has decent grades, good looks, classy breeding and many people wanting to be his friends.

Why then, is he hiding behind the layers of masks?

Why is he, or anyone for the matter, unable to show what's inside to others?

I guess that, sometimes, it's easier to face the world with a facade such that the inner self can neither be hurt nor injure. A defensive, protective mechanism of sorts.

A wardrobe of masks, such that one can have the luxury of picking and choosing what he wishes to wear for the day. A mask has become an indispensible accessory for the modern life and living.

We're all guilty of wearing masks. And when we finally shed these facades, will we be able to recognise the faces in the mirror?

When the music cease and curtains fall, the artistes, dancers, performers leave the main stage. when no one's scrutinising, they quietly remove the thick layers of make-up and silently leave the theater. Nobody - nobody - shall know their true identities.