in ,

buffeted by ill winds.
aspersions and awkwardness,
twin sisters,

harass and keep harassing.
a sense of disquiet.
was i at fault?

their pettiness hurts.
their viciousness,
unreasonableness, cowardliness -

i shouldn't care,
not this much,

not so badly.
caring hurts.
it hurts.

Sometimes, not caring may be the antidote to one's pain. There are certain issues - dealing with cowards, sneaks, snakes - that does not merit one's concern. There's no point fretting about what everyone thinks of you. Or the rumours that's circulating behind your back. Or the fact they may be portraying themselves as the victimised/ vanquished to gain sympathy.

All that doesn't matter, so long that people you respect and care for know who you are and what you stand for. That's all that matter. Really. Truly.

(But, why then, do I feel so unsettled by these ill winds buffeting around me?)


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