Batik Lights

Colours swirl across the surface. They dance; they float; they explode.

They're rhythmic embodiment of something. Everything. They represent life, its antithesis - death - and every shade in between.

Colours. What would we be without it?

This artwork, Colours, is a tapestry of fire and light. Brilliant, warm hues stretch across the ricepaper before turning to cool tints of aquamarine blue. It combines a multitude of techniques and represents the vibrancy of nature.
Autumn Lights
Autumn Lights draws upon diametric opposites. Whiteness and darkness. Broad strokes and startled splatters. Presence and absence of colours. It is a meditation on what-ifs and why-nots.

Celestial Hues

Cyan Fire

The series above is inspired by the sights and sounds of Singapore. What makes "a country" a country? What makes "a nation" a nation?

Aurora - an experimental piece of Batik colours on canvas.
Fluxing Light
Animal Cell

As I glance into the microscope and look at the cross-section of an Animal Cell, I discover a kindred. Through the lens, another face looks back. It is surprising how human-like each cell appears to be.

The cell seems equally surprised to see me, hmm.