The Christmas Goose

Once upon a time, there was a goose, with a plump body of white feathers and a marigold-orange beak.
How the goose looked like.
Source credit: Animal Pics Wallpaper
It lived in a farm, provisioned with food and water that it didn't need to work for. Life was easy, cushy even, but it - like many of us - kept hankering after what it didn't have.

Every spring, there would be flocks of migratory birds, soaring against pastel skies, sharing gossips of the exotic places they had just holidayed at. These vistas had an abundance of fruits, swollen with sugar and sunshine; mountain waters, crystal clear and humming; lush vines with broad green leaves. 

The goose longed to experience such wonders. It kept its eye on the sky, flapping its awkward wings, always hoping to fly.

It grew obsessed with this dream that it began to pick quarrels with other animals. According to the goose, the roosters were "brainless", the dogs, "unambitious" and the cows, "silly beasts preoccupied with eating tasteless weeds".

The flightless bird was so preoccupied with its dreams that it forgot to be courteous.

One cow got so offended that it laid a line of bricks over the path where the goose often walked.

The next morning, the goose began to make its way to the food trough. It kept its head pointed towards the azure skies, dreaming once more of flight, of cold winds ruffling its feathers. However, it tripped over a brick and broke its neck.

The cow was upset that it had caused someone to die but remorse and guilt were feelings that always came too late. As the cow mourned over the dead goose, their farmer walked past, saw the scene and sighed. He picked the dead bird up and roasted it for Thanksgiving.

Beware of where you set your eyes for others may set you up.

Beware, too, of setting traps for you may come to regret it.

Source credit: Kaleidoscope Cultural China
And, with this story, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great year ahead.