Romance of The Two Wisdom Teeth


This is the love story of two wisdom teeth - how they saw each other, fell in love and were pulled apart.

They were once young, buried in soft gum, white and pebbly. Then, they were bold for they had no idea of the tribulations that awaited them. They grew, peeping out from candy-pink gum, becoming harder and larger, paying no thought to the others around.

Source credit: Crystal Phuong

At first, they argued, grinding against each other, pushing for room in a tight space. But over time, the upper wisdom tooth saw the beauty in the lower one. It wasn't love at first sight, but it was love nevertheless.

He presented her with bits of leftover vegetables and shreds of chicken meat.

These blunt bony molars, they tried to grow towards one another. They loved so deeply, so violently that they caused a gum infection. Their owner was in pain and had no other choice.

The top molar was forcibly removed, so cruelly uprooted by a murderer who specialised in eradicating errant teeth.

These two lovers never did meet again.

Sometimes, it is necessary to show restraint.

The upper wisdom teeth which was brutally removed last Thursday.


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